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My most flexible service; this is an affordable, personalized story and writing assessment, designed to help any author take their story to the next level. If you're not sure what you're looking for, start here.

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If you are serious about improving as a storyteller, a developmental edit is the way to unleash your story's full potential.


I'll conduct an in-depth review of structure, plot, character development, dialogue, pacing, tone/voice, tension and stakes—all the elements that comprise a well-crafted narrative. You’ll receive a comprehensive editorial report identifying both what's working well and what could use some attention.


Most importantly, I'll provide clear, actionable suggestions for improvements, using your own writing as examples. You'll also receive extensive notes on the manuscript itself, analyzing these elements at the chapter, scene, and paragraph level. 

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Essential if you are getting ready to query or self-publish, a line edit focuses on the language of your manuscript. I combine the different depths of copyediting into a single service, examining grammar, punctuation, spelling, format, logic and clarity, word usage, overwriting, verb tense, sentence structure, and much more!

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